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On what days do you play matches?

All our teams currently play Saturday mornings

Does everyone get selected to play in matches?

Provided you attend training on a regular basis, team managers, especially at the younger age groups, will try their very best to give every player a roughly equal amount of time on the field of play. Older players tend to want to compete more so team selection may be more based upon effort, application and development

How much do the games cost?

All match fees are covered by the membership Subs. Referees for home matches are paid for by volunteers selling refreshments. We strongly encourage our parents to support the match day kitchen by volunteering or buying a cuppa and a hot dog after the game.

What kind of qualifications do the coaches have?

Each team has a FA Level 1 qualified coach as a minimum. That includes a Level 1 coaching certificate, CRC check, FA Safeguarding and FA emergency first aid.

Where do you train?

During spring and summer months we train at Allendale sports club grass pitches on Fridays. During the Winter months we move indoors to Allendale School Sports hall for the younger teams. The older teams train in various locations across Tynedale depending on what suits the team and coach.

Do your Coaches get paid?

No - all our coaches are volunteers. They do not receive a penny in return for their valuable time so kindly given

Can girls play?

Yes. We are delighted to welcome girls at all age groups! Younger girls very often see no problem at all in playing football in mixed gender teams. In fact, girls at young age groups tend to be better players than the boys ! Older girls though,sometimes want to play in 'all girls' teams and so move on to other clubs with a specialist girls structure. But we always leave the decision to players and their guardians.

How much are Subs?

Subs are £15.00 per calendar month from 1st September  to 1st April  inclusive for players registered to play in a team and £5 per month for players who simply train with us. 

Siblings playing in a team are half price.

That is a total of £120 per year for first playing member, £60 for the second and £40 if only training. 

We are flexible and happy to work out payment plans that work best for you.

How do I pay my subs?

All subs are collected using standing orders/online banking.

Please set up a standing order to the following account

  • Sort Code: 30-94-19

  • Account No: 01170648

  • Account Name: Allendale FC

Standing orders should be set to make payments on the 1st day of each month from September to April inclusive. 

Please ensure that you set up your standing order so that the last payment is paid on the 1st of April each year.

It is important you add a reference to the standing order. This should include the following: age group, managers initials, players initial and surname (in that order) e.g. U10 JM A.PLAYER.

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